How To Incorporate The Luscious Fall Colors In Your Home

Fall is in the air, and one of the great things about this season — aside from the cooler weather — is the opportunity to view such beautiful autumn colors. However, you don’t always have to go outside to see these brilliant hues. Here’s how to incorporate the luscious fall colors in your home.

Decorate With Foliage

This is the time of year to change out your centerpieces for fall foliage and dried branches, recommends Han Dang, co-founder and principal at Very Handsome Studio in Houston, TX. “Fall foliage is alluring when decorated in bundles of three or more branches,” she says. Dang also recommends shopping for taller/longer branches to create larger arrangements, as this will add more depth to a room.

Monica Breese, founder of The Designed Domicilio in Brooklyn, also recommends using foliage and florals as a simple way to make a statement change. “Update your florals, add mums outside, and bring some gorgeous branches inside and create a centerpiece in fall florals,” she recommends.

Experiment With Lighting

The use of light is another way to bring the luscious fall colors into your home. “Don’t forget to not only incorporate attractive fixtures, but also pay attention to the colors and temperatures of the light output for a uniformed distribution of colors throughout your home,” advises Vy Truong, co-founder and principal at Very Handsome Studio in Houston, TX. She says that amber glowing bulbs and lights are beautiful mood-builders. Dang recommends adding moody lighting that outputs 2700K to 3000K light temperatures for ambiance control.

Embrace Jewel Tones

Yellow and orange may be the first colors you think of, but Leigh Spicher, national director of design studios at Ashton Woods Homes, says the fall palette is no longer limited to just these two colors. “Layer in warm jewel tones like sapphire, emerald and garnet,” she says. In fact, Spicher recommends using these colors to paint your home. “Paint is your friend, and it’s simple to update a kitchen island, focal wall, or even go big and paint the entire room with your favorite warm fall, jewel tone.”

Spicher also recommends using the color black, “It is the quintessential fall, luxury color, literally anywhere.” And warm, earthy blacks aren’t just limited to a fall update. Spicher says they’re the new timeless trend to watch. “Mix up matte black with natural grains and you have the perfect introduction to fall that will undoubtedly usher in the new year too.”

Add Accent Furniture

Consider adding a seasonal accent chair. Spicher says you can find affordable options almost anywhere. “Find one in a luscious fall color like forest green, gold, or burgundy, and add to the living room, guest room, or go big by swapping out dining chairs too.” Some of her favorite fall textures are chenille or high-performance velvet.

Heather Mastrangeli, principal designer at Innovatus Design in Downers Grove, IL, tells us that incorporating luscious fall colors into your home can be as simple or complex as you’d like it to be.

“Rich leather, caramel colored furniture brings in the sense of fall, and I have a caramel colored leather chair that provides warmth all year.”

Switch-Up Furnishings

However, Mastrangeli says something simple like an inviting velvet throw pillow can also do the trick.

“I fully embrace the season with golden velvet throw pillows that have a lush texture burned into them,” she explains.

Truong also recommends switching up decorative pillows or pillow colors in fall oranges and autumnal browns. “Keep in mind that investing in non-ornamented, printed, or patterned pillow covers and opting for solid color covers will help with incorporating different types of decors — as well as providing functional reuse purposes beyond just holiday decors.”

Breese tells us that she always swaps out the throw blankets and pillows in her bedrooms and living room. “I like to update my candles for some warm colors and add fall scents like vanilla or apple spices,” she says.

Eril Serbetci, co-founder and designer at Darling Spring in New York, likes to sit in a cozy nook and watch nature transform in the fall. “To enrich such an experience, we need sensory details so I always have candles and soft throws to satisfy two sensations — our sense of smell and touch.”

And these sensations serve several functions. “They are so important because they ground us, make us feel safe, and allow us to comfortably snuggle,” he says. “Add a good story and piping coffee, and we can watch the foliage all day long, with all its grandeur.”

There are other places where you can incorporate fall colors as well. “Kitchen accessories are a great place to bring in rich tones of natural woods paired with deep hues of greens, aubergine, marigold, sienna, and burgundy,” says Mastrangeli. “Textures in these pieces further add to the luscious feeling of the colors and the space, creating visual warmth.”

She also recommends swapping bookshelf décor with knitted fall pumpkins in deep hues or other types of fall décor. “Door mats, carpet runners, and even area rugs can be replaced with rugs that have richer textures and colors of fall,” Mastrangeli concludes.

These are some of the items that can incorporate the luscious fall colors in your home.

Crate and Barrel Faux Autumn Leaf Wreath

One of the easiest ways to incorporate foliage and also increase your curb appeal is to add this beautiful Crate and Barrel Faux Autumn Leaf Wreath. Although it’s not a real wreath (we won’t tell if you don’t) it includes life-like twigs, along with polyester, jute twine, and plastic. The wreath includes a metal ring so you can hang it on the door, mount on your fireplace, or use it as a centerpiece.

GreenPan Performance Pro Ceramic Nonstick 7-Piece Cookware Set

This gorgeous GreenPan Performance Pro Ceramic Nonstick 7-Piece Cookware Set will look fabulous through fall and into the holidays. The 8” frypan, 10” frypan, 1.5 quart saucepan, and 5.5 quart stockpot have a diamond-infused ceramic nonstick coating that is scratch-resistant and metal safe, along with stainless steel handles. The pots and pans are oven safe to 600 degrees F, and the durable glass lids are oven safe to 425 degrees F.

Duralex Le Picardie Amber Collection

Earily create festive tables with the Duralex Le Picardie Amber Collection of drinkware and dinnerware. The amber-colored tempered glass set (which is 2.5 times stronger than ordinary glass) includes various sizes of tumblers, dinner plates, and soup plates. In addition to amber, other colors include marine, green, sepia, and clear.

Baobab Collection Candle Stones Agate

These warm, colorful glasses are filled with candles to delight your senses. The Baobab Collection Candle Stones Agate, is part of the Stones collection, and each color is inserted into the glass as it is blown. The scent of the candle is a combination of Rhubarb, Acai Berry, and Peony. The Stones Collection also includes Marble (Leather, Rose, Plum), and Lazuli (Cardamon, Seal Salt, Musk).

The Company Store Autumn Coir Door Mat

Refresh your doorstep and provide a burst of color to welcome your guests with The Company Store Autumn Coir Door Mat. It’s suitable for indoor/outdoor use (when outside, it should be under a covered area). The mat is handcrafted and is made with natural coir, which is a durable fiber that comes from coconut husks.

Burrow Vesper Wood & Leather Lounge Chair

If you’ve been looking for a stylish new statement piece to add to your home, the rich colors of the Burrow Vesper Wood & Leather Lounge Chair fits the bill. The leather and wood chair is available in camel/oak, slate/walnut, and slate/black ash colors. The chair is also available in several fabric and wood options, including navy blue/walnut, stone gray/walnut, papyrus/oak, moss green/walnut, navy blue/walnut, and ivory boucle/walnut.

Quince Knit Pouf

Kick your feet up in style with the Quince Knit Pouf, which can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas. It’s made of 100% polyester and filled with polystyrene foam beads. The durable pouf’s dimensions are 20” x 20” x 14” and is also large enough and sturdy enough to sit on. Color choices include red clay, iron gate, maple sugar, and leek green.

Brooklinen Pendleton Washable Wool Throw Blanket

Whether on your sofa or at the foot of your bed, the Brooklinen Pendleton Washable Wool Throw Blanket looks good. The stylish navy and caramel check throw, which has fringed edges, is made of 100% eco-wise wool, and the 54” x 60” size is large enough two people to cuddle underneath. It’s also available in a black/gray check version.

The Company Store Sateen Duvet Cover and Throw

It’s hard to resist this yummy, caramel duvet cover from The Company Store beckoning you to get in the bed. The wrinkle-free 300-thread count sateen duvet cover has a button closure and four interior corner ties. The cedar-colored throw adds the finishing touch, and both are available in several colors, including gold, blue, gray and taupe hues.

Article Pillow

The right throw pillow adds texture, warmth, and a pop of color. Article has a variety of luscious colors to choose from, including the Lucca velvet pillows (sold as a set of 2), that are available in numerous colors including gold, green, and orange. The Hersta corduroy pillow is available in cypress green, and the Torrey velvet pillow, which has a 100% feather insert, comes in blue/gold combination.

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