Holiday Decorating Tips For People Who Hate To Decorate

“Tis the season to be jolly,” and while many people are excited about the holiday season, not everyone is feeling so cheerful and jovial. According to Thumbtack, 58% of Americans feel stressed about the holidays.

Home preparation is a major source of stress, according to Morgan Olsen, Thumbtack’s home & design expert. In fact, she tells us that 25% of respondents said getting their homes ready (cleaning, organizing, etc.) was their top stressor. “And 10% told us that decorating their home was their top stressor,” she says.

That’s understandable, considering that it usually takes quite a bit of effort to put up those elaborate decorations. “And, it’s not without its dangers: 25% of respondents have gotten hurt while putting up or taking down their decorations,” Olsen says, adding that sometimes, it might be better to leave this task to the pros.

If you don’t have the time, energy, or desire to engage in intricate and complicated decorations, check out these easy holiday decorating tips for people who hate to decorate.

Focus on Wreaths

You don’t have to be the Griswolds to show a little Christmas flair, according to Will Hunt Lewis, owner of Hunt & Bloom. “I think there is nothing more classic on a front door than a simple fresh evergreen wreath with a bright red bow,” he says. And all you need is one nail – or you can use a wreath hanger. “You’ll love the smell of the fresh evergreens every time you walk out the door, and the pop of the red bow will bring festive cheer to all who pass by.”

You can put wreaths on your exterior doors and windows, but also on interior doors, windows, and mantels.

Light It Up

Decorating a tree can be an overwhelming task that you’d rather just avoid. “You can still have the impact — and fragrance — of a beautiful tree without the hassle of gathering ornaments and stressing over the proper placement,” Lewis says. In fact, he says you can skip the ornaments and just add plenty of lights, which will still have quite the impact.

“I love a tree that is chock full of lights, so don’t skimp: the general rule is 100 lights per foot of tree, but I like to go well beyond that.” And Lewis recommends that you don’t just light the perimeter, either. “Start by stringing lights on the interior of the tree and work them into the branches,” he advises. “Whether using colored or white lights, you can’t go wrong — if you do use colored lights, use white for the interior of the tree, and you’ll love the effect.”

But suppose you don’t even feel like doing that? “Placing them along doorways, the mantel, along a dresser, or within a clear glass vase can add some cheer without a lot of effort,” Natalie Rebuck, principal designer at Re: Design Architects, tells us.

Get Fresh

There are so many beautiful interior plants available during the holiday season. “Poinsettias, amaryllis, paperwhites, and Christmas cactus are all plentiful, and all make a big impact with their colorful blooms,” Lewis says. “Massing several poinsettias together in a beautiful container on a dining table makes an incredibly elegant and festive statement.”

Burrill agrees, and recommends purchasing poinsettias from a local charity or home center. “Fresh flowers in the colors of the holiday will brighten your home and bring in the holiday spirit.”

Buy a Pre-Lit Tree

Another option for those who don’t feel like decorating a tree, is to buy a pre-lit tinsel Christmas tree. (And yes, Rebuck says they’re now back in fashion!). “Then, buy wide flocked ribbon in any color of your choice and wrap it around the tree.” And she recommends putting soft ornaments of the same color – or in the same color family – on the tree.

By now, you may be thinking, “Well, now, I’m decorating the tree, and that’s what I was trying to avoid.” True, but Rebuck explains, “Leave all of the ornaments and ribbon on the tree as you put it away for next year (they’re soft, so they won’t break) and voilà — it’s completely decorated for next year and years to come.”

Let Nature Be Your Guide

Another tip is to use what’s already available in nature to help you easily decorate your home. “Find some leaves and/or pine cones to spray paint gold and/or silver and position around the house, or use for writing names for a place setting,” says Rebuck. “Or perhaps grab some sticks that can be put in a vase and tied-together with a bow.” She adds that this task can also be turned into a fun activity or scavenger hunt for the kids.


Here’s another quick and easy tip: “Buy some inexpensive glass ornaments and fill a tall vase or large clear bowl for decoration,” Rebuck says. She recommends doing this in multiple locations to create a festive look.

“Adding ready-made accessories – like holiday pillows, throws, and rugs will bring in the holiday spirit as well.” In addition, Rebuck recommends using holiday linens, glassware, and China to set the table.”

And if you have a real tree, she suggests finding a place in the back of the tree where it’s extra full. “Then pull off a couple of branches that you can tie together and position in other places.”

Outsource Decorating

Thumbtack’s survey also reveals that 52% procrastinate on putting up their decorations, and Olsen recommends calling in the pros to do it for you. Burrill agrees and says she’s actually hiring someone to put up her trees this year. “Imagine coming home and little elves have come in and made your home ready for the holidays.”

These are some of the items that can help you easily decorate your home.

CG Hunter 30” Cedar Wreath

Believe it or not, this CG Hunter 30” Cedar Wreath isn’t real – but it certainly looks like the genuine article. You can hang this faux cedar wreath on your exterior door, or hang it indoors on your windows, a wall, or use it to create a centerpiece.

Mixed Pine Cone Wreaths

This pair of Mixed Pine Cone Wreaths can provide a more elegant way to decorate for the holidays. Consisting of natural pine cone, metal, and natural vine, with a hand-painted golden varnish, the wreaths add tasteful sophistication to any space. They are designed for indoor use, and can also be used outdoors in covered areas.

Holiday Coir Door Mats

Put your guests in a festive mood with these holiday door mats. The Holiday Coir Door Mat – Trees is handcrafted of natural coir, fade-resistant, and can be used in indoor areas like the mudroom, or covered outdoor areas. Other options include dogs wearing holiday scarves and hats, and berry leaves.

Aromatech AroMini BT Cold-Air Diffuser and Holiday Scents

When preparing your home for the holidays, don’t forget to concentrate on how it smells. The Aromatech AroMini BT Cold Air Diffuser uses nebulation to break down scented oils into a fine mist that remains in the air. It doesn’t require water, alcohol, or heat, and connects to Bluetooth for adjusting the scent intensity and run time. Color choices are Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. Aromatech has a variety of scents, but The Holiday Collection includes Noble Fir, Fireside, Spiced Gingerbread, and Toasted Orange & Oakwood.

Mongolian Cashmere Throw

Toss this currant-color Mongolian Cashmere Throw across a sofa or chair to create a festive mood. The 50-inch by 60-inch throw is made of 100% Grade-A Mongolian cashmere and has a 4-inch fringe for a timeless style. And this decorative item is also functional, providing warmth and comfort on chilly days and nights.

Displates Metal Posters

You can also use holiday wall art to easily decorate your home. These Displates Metal Posters are available in three sizes: 17.7 x 12.6 inches, 26.6 x 18.9 inches, and 34.4 x 25.2 inches (this size comes in 4 plates). For the two smaller sizes, you can also choose between a matte or gloss finish, as well as a choice of frames – or no frame. Some of the holiday designs include Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Decorations, and Christmas Spirit, along with non-holiday designs as well. Displates are easy to hang because they don’t require nails or a hammer. The metal plates are held on the wall by magnets.

Govee Outdoor String Lights H1

If you don’t feel like untangling string lights, the Govee Outdoor String Lights H1 are easy to set up and use. The 50 ft outdoor lights have an IP65 waterproof rating, and can be controlled via your smartphone or Alexa. They include 60 different scene modes and millions of colors. You can even customize two different colors (top and bottom) on each bulb.

EasyPlant Anthurium

The EasyPlant Anthurium lives up to its name. The plant arrives in a ceramic pot, and bamboo wooden stand, and it’s easy and convenient to use. That’s because it uses Waterwork technology, which entails a hidden water reservoir that only needs to be filled about once a month. The system regulates the water supply and provides only as much water as is needed. The Anthurium plant has red, heart-shaped waxy leaves, so it fits in well during the holidays.

Tuckernuck Black Bow Mini Jamie Dress

Forget those ugly holiday sweaters. Put on this Black Bow Mini Jamie Dress to instantly show your holiday spirit! The sleek, black dress has shimmering sequin bow embellishments, with a jewel neckline, three-quarter length sleeves, and a back zip. It’s also lined and has a relaxed fit, making you instantly ready to stylishly host guests during the holidays.

Colorful Appliances

If you happen to be in the market for new countertop items, consider Breville’s line of small appliances in the company’s Red Velvet Cake color, which look luscious during the holidays (and beyond). The Toast Select Luxe Toaster is a 2-slice toaster with 6 present toast types, and an LED countdown times, as well as “Lift & Look,” and “Bit More” features. The Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL Juicer has a wide chute feed for whole (uncut) fruits and vegetables, which can be juiced directly into the 70 ounce jug. The Bambino Plus Espresso Machine has a 15-bar Italian pump, PID temperature control, and hands-free milk texturing.

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