4 Ways To Get The Meeting In The Job Application Process


If you’re new to real estate or the professional world, a quick online search could lead to a long list of possible jobs. As you look for the right fit, keep in mind that the hunt is often highly competitive. Simply filling out a job application online and hoping for the best might not get the results you’d like.

I’m often asked by others for advice on how to get the meeting with a potential employer. They’re looking for ways to get their resume to the top of the stack. They want to know what will set their application apart from the rest.

When I built my career in real estate brokerage and investing, I looked for ways to gain the insider’s edge. I now encourage others to do the same, and that starts with the initial steps toward getting a phone call back from a hiring manager or scheduling an interview with a company director. For this reason, using strategies to differentiate yourself and help your application get noticed can increase your chances of landing a great position.

Use these tactics to gain the insider’s edge during the job application process.

1. Find the Hiring Director

Often times, the HR department will screen resumes and applications before they reach the person making the decisions regarding who to interview. For this reason, if you simply send in the information that is requested, it could be hard to know what happens next. Will your application end up in a sea of others, and go unnoticed or get missed?

That’s why I suggest to those looking for a job to find out who the hiring director is. Do some research about the company you’re targeting, or make a call to ask. Once you know who the decision maker is, you can set up a strategy to get the meeting.

2. Look for Ways to Connect

Do some initial research around the hiring director at the company where you’re hoping to work. You might start with LinkedIn and reach out there. You can also look through your list of contacts on LinkedIn to see if anyone in your network is connected to the decision maker. It’s possible someone might be able to make an introduction or personal referral for you.

3. Learn What You Have in Common

Do you and hiring director share the same alma mater? Do you belong to the same organization? Are there other interests that you share in common? Carry out the research needed to find information that could help you make a connection with the decision maker.

4. Aim To Meet In Person

Check if there are ways to meet the hiring director face to face. Perhaps they’re speaking at an upcoming event or attending a conference. You can go to the same place and seek them out. Make sure you’re prepared, so that when you meet for the first time, you can speak knowledgably about the company and the value you could bring to the workplace. Seeing each other in person can go a long way. If you don’t get the meeting the first time you meet, you can follow up later and see if they are still trying to fill the position.

As you look for jobs, consider that the process is often best carried out when you’re making personal connections. Rather than filling out online applications on your own, research the hiring manager and find ways to reach out. By learning what you have in common and meeting in person, you’ll distinguish yourself from other potential new hires and have a greater chance of getting that all-important meeting.

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